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Want to play in free tournaments and win them ?
Want to have friends ? which i call it as a family.
Want to number one rank in a league ?
Want to play by rules without cheaters ?
If you answers are yes you should join a league to play at least give it a try. There are different leagues plays in every Yahoo! Pool room. Every room marked by a league so you will play your games in same room and with your league members but of course you are free to play non league games anytime you like.

How does a league work
How can i find a Yahoo! Pool league to join ?
Yahoo! Pool Interleagues
Yahoo! Pool tourney styles (coming soon)

League staff, use cute pictures at Yahoo! Pool lobbies for promote your league or tourneys

Host your own images Free image hosting sites

Download my free pool images pack (32 images) for your league or tourney pages.

Search for more images

Yahoo! image search
Google image search

Your leagues having lots of newbie pool players everyday. I built this site only try to help Yahoo pool players, so if you think this site is useful and can help your members please help me to protect them from useless cheater sites with giving a link to Yahoopool.net so they can learn what they really need.If you want to give a link please Contact me so i can put your link to our supporters page.

Recommended links for your league

Backdoors101 - Backdoors to all Yahoo! games
Codezwiz - Help forums,staff for your leagues
Admins 101 - Help site, many ready codes for your leagues
Td's 101 - Help site for your leagues

If you know any other source please Let me know thanks.

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