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Yahoo! Pool rare ID's

When Yahoo! starts to give free emails they weren't restrict your Yahoo! email adresses. You can create email adresses with caps (CAPITAL LETTER) like "JOHN" or "JoHn 68" , "70652321". Since Yahoo! start to restrict using caps, blank points in user names it is uneble to create this kind of ID's.

At this days Yahoo! allowing us to use most characters in our Yahoo! ID's but
You can not use numbers before a letter but sure after a letter or end
You can not use any caps in your user names
You can use a dot "." in your names but not as first , last and there should be 4 letters or numbers after the dot (this is for people do not create their web sites as a user names i.e: you can not create john.com)
You can not create an id with a blank space in it
You can not create any new Yahoo! ID's with any caps

Yahoo! Pool rare ID's are so important for some people/ players even some of them are paying to have one of this rare id's and some people trade them or steal em druring the trade.

If you really care this rare id's you can have a google search to find some sites which they sell this id's but always be careful do not trust everyone and every deal about it.If you find someone who want to play some games for rare also be careful you may use your rare id easly cause they may con you. You been warned.

You should also know that i sometimes read at lobbies that Yahoo! are deleting this rare id's from their database

What i think about Yahoo! Pool rare ID 's ?

I myself doesn't care about Yahoo! Pool rares from the beginning. When i play in a Yahoo! Pool league at year 2000 a friend wanted to gave me one as a present but i deny it :) . I think every one or good two word's Yahoo! ID's are all rare. I for example think a"JOHN" id is same with "john" id or "MISSY-ELLIOT" , "missy.elliot" are all same for me :)

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