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Yahoo! Pool 8 Ball Rules

Yahoo! Games has based the rules for this game on the current World Standardized 8-ball Rules, although some rules have been slightly modified to accommodate the online environment. However, the basic rule set is enforced.

Object of the game

The object of the game is for one player to pocket their set of object balls, 1-7 (solids) or 9-15 (stripes), and then to legally pocket the 8-ball.

The Break

If you create a table and start to play Yahoo! will randomly chose who will break the game and if you break first your opponent will next game, it is not important who won or lose first game. You or your opponent must have a legal break for continue game with strike the rack with the cue ball.If the player makes an illegal break, the turn rotates to his/her opponent. Any balls pocketed on the break remain pocketed.


Ball In Hand

Ball in hand means the player can place the cue ball anywhere on the table and shoot in any direction. When a player commits an illegal, most of the time it is a foul and the opposing player would get ball in hand. When a player is granted ball in hand after an illegal break, the ball may only be placed behind the head string and only shot forward.

If an object ball is illegally pocketed the ball remains in the pocket.

Playing the 8-Ball

When the 8-ball is the legal shot for a player, a scratch or foul does NOT result in a loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed. However, the next player would have ball in hand. Remember, when playing the 8-ball you must chose a pocket. If cue ball goes to pocket after a successful 8 ball pot you will lose that game.It is not a loss of game if you scratch or foul when playing the 8-ball as long as the 8-ball is not pocketed.


Loss of Game

After the break while table is still open if you pot the 8 ball early the game will not counted and you will not lose any rating

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