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Learning English, Spins

English / spins is the most important skill you should have in Yahoo! Pool to be a good player . When you don't use any english on your shots your que ball will basicly goes it's own direction and will stop somewhere at the table. This is how most of Yahoo! Pool players do their shots. This is the important point, by using english you can try to send your que ball wherever you want on the table. This will help you to have easy position for your next shot (leaves is part of another tutorial) or will protect you from scratches.

Using spins will help you so much to win your games but it is important to use the needed spin at that moment. Another important point is you should also be good at using power .This combination will bring you leaving que ball skill and it will bring you more wins at your games.

If you can't use spins you will stay as an ordinary player in the Yahoo! Pool crowd sorry. Once you learnt using english you will understand how poor you were playing before. You will understand pool is not only about potting balls.

I believe having english / spin skill is 50% of Yahoo! Pool and it is 80% of where you can recognise Yahoo! Pool aimer users cause Yahoo! Pool aimers can't help you using spins!.

How to use english in Yahoo! Pool in general

You see a static cue ball next to your table just over the power bar thats where you setup your english/spins before every shot.Since it is too small to explain all points i will use the one below :)

cue ball points

This articles are for beginner players or the ones who plays Yahoo! Pool for sometime but don't know how to use or what is english so i will try to show you basic points of using english/spins.

Point 0:(default) After every shot your point will reset this default point so if you will not use any spin at your next shot you don't have to setup any point.

Point 1: Mid High english

Yahoo! Pool Mid high english tutorial

Point 2: High english

Yahoo! Pool High (top) english tutorial

Point 3: Mid right english

Yahoo! Pool Mid right english tutorial

Point 4: Right english

Yahoo! Pool Right (full) english tutorial

Point 5: Mid Low english

Yahoo! Pool Mid low english tutorial

Point 6: Low english

Yahoo! Pool Low (back) english, spin tutorial

Point 7: Mid Left english

Yahoo! Pool Mid left english, spin tutorial

Point 8: Left english

Yahoo! Pool Left (full) english, spin tutorial

Of course you may use everywhere in the green circle but it is imposible for me to show you all so you need to go practise some :)

After this tutorials do not forget to read Using english / spins to get advanced

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