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Yahoo! Pool Avatars

This page shouldn't be here lol but i decide to create it after met someone whom played 500 games with default avatar and don't know how to change it :(
You know in Yahoo! Games there are tons of different games and when you login to any game room first time you start with a provisional rating and with a default avatar.Your provisional rating is for example 1200 at pool and 1500 at backgammon but default avatar is always same at any games.You can always change this default avatar from options button and Yahoo! will remember your choice when you login next time you login.
This is the default avatar for all Yahoo! Games Yahoo! Pool default avatar

How to change default Yahoo! Pool Avatar
See and click on the option button than at the opening window scroll down the avatar you want and click done.

After change your avatar you must sit a table to see your new avatar, See your new Yahoo! Pool Avatar
Actually there are two sets of avatars at Yahoo! Games ,default is free avatars which you can use when playing 8 ball pool.You will see different avatars some players has, these players have Yahoo! All Star account.For have one How to have a Yahoo! All Star account

1-Free Yahoo! Games Avatars:

See all free Yahoo! games avatars set

2-All Star Account Avatars:

Yahoo! games All Star avatars set

3-General Yahoo! Avatars:

These are free avatars which you can use at all Yahoo! Services, for more info and setup your own style avatar

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