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a site dedicated to YahooPool

PoolSkill.com is all about Yahoo! Pool which is a free ( 8 ball ) browser based online java game provides by Yahoo! Inc.

This site built by a Yahoo! Pool addict whom AGAINST CHEATING at year 2003 (under the yahoopool.net domain till 2007) to share experiences, help you for your LEGAL problems, questions and to improve your Yahoo! Pool skills (or even real pool).

If you are a basic player have a look around to be a skilled player to beat Yahoo! Pool aimer losers.

Building this web site doesn't means that i am a super Yahoo! Pool player but a player who wants to help, share knowledge like no others!. So stop try to challange me!

This site will never have or help you about any illegal Yahoo! stuff like Yahoo! Pool booters, boosters, Yahoo! Pool aimers, rares etc. so if you looking for cheating it's better surf somewhere else and don't waste your time here.

Otherwise you are welcome and feel free to browse this site if you want to become a skilled player who don't need cheating for win.

Happy Yahoo! Pooling :)
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Please post your questions or requests ONLY at our Yahoo! Pool Forums so that others who may be experiencing the same problems will be able to benefit from the responses you receive, sorry but i will not answer any help questions in private!.
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